Unleash your soul's power, brilliance & divinity,

to step boldly into your calling as a Lightworker. 


Lightworkers, this is your time!

Activate Your Light is a 10 month transformational coaching journey, intuitively created for Lightworkers, Starseeds & Healers and those who feel called to serve. It is designed for those who are ready to unleash their soul's brilliance, power & divinity, so that they can finally step boldly into their bliss and impact!

This unique program is an answer to the Universe’s calling, especially at this important time in our planet’s history. The program allows us to remember the truth of who we are as Lightworkers and why we came. 

Currently, the planet is undergoing a major shift in consciousness.  This shift requires a clearing away of the old paradigms and make space for our New Earth to emerge.  This New Earth, (which has been predicted by ancient civilizations and spiritual traditions for many years) has many telling characteristics. Some of these include, being grounded in unity, service to others, being purpose based and rooted in the Divine. It also encompasses connectedness, higher frequencies, authenticity, flow state, abundance, unconditional sharing and activated senses, among other features.

Essentially, Heaven on Earth...

However, for this very important transition to occur, as a Lightworker who has made the conscious decision to live in alignment with your soul, the Earth is calling on you to help her with this shift. This can only occur by raising your vibration and consciousness, activating your inner light and stepping boldly into your purpose.

As such, our work together will focus on helping you remember the truth of who you are and why you came. It will also focus on healing the wounded ego, aligning to and embodying your true authentic self, and intuitively getting clear on and fulfilling your Lightworker’s mission.

The time is NOW!

Color Stain

Does this sound like you?

  • You’ve always felt deep within that you have a deeper purpose that includes other people and/or the planet. It’s been calling you and knocking on your door for as long as you can remember, but you are unclear about what it might be.

  • You feel disconnected and estranged from life, people and your own spirit, which leads to feeling imbalanced and powerless. 

  • You’ve tried to live the ‘normal life’, by following society’s expectations and standards, and while you may have been successful in your pursuits, it has left you feeling unfulfilled and empty.

  • ​​​You feel pulled in different directions, but not in a direction that lights your soul on fire.

  • You feel as if something has been activated in you, but you can’t quite figure out what is changing, yet you can feel the change occuring.

  • You sometimes feel like an outsider looking in, and the things that resonate with most people don’t resonate with you or interest you.

  • You desire to be your true self 100% of the time, and live your truth without inhibitions or limits, but fear other people’s opinions about you.

  • You feel held back by limiting beliefs and habits, but you are also ready for more.

  • You’ve always felt different to the people around you and simply chalked it up to you being a weirdo or the outsider, which has caused you to shrink and dim your light to fit in.

  • You may have experienced a challenging and somewhat difficult life, but at some level, you know that it was all for you, to help you to wake up, grow and expand.

  • You feel a deep connection to nature; the moon, the sun, the stars and the earth, but you're not quite sure why or what to do with it.

  • You know you have immense power, abilities and capabilities, but shy away from your greatness, because you are afraid or doubtful and think about what other people might say.

A supportive guide to help you remember who you are and why you came, so you can step boldly into living your soul’s agenda… 

Through a combination of time-tested healing modalities and  holistic coaching and teaching, your soul’s growth and evolution will be supercharged. Correspondingly, you will also be provided with personal, loving and compassionate support and guidance every step of the way. 


By first clearing away the psychological and energetic debris of all that you are not, we will make room for your true authentic self. A self that is powerful, brilliant and divine, and one that allows you to boldly live your truth.

As you remember the fullness of your being, the confusion and overwhelm will fall away. This falling away then creates space for greater clarity on your soul's agenda. You will then be able to see more clearly why you are here, and what part you are to play in the co-creation of heaven on earth. 

You will also gain lifetime access to personalized holistic tools, techniques and technologies to raise and maintain your vibration. This will in turn help strengthen your self-awareness muscles and develop self-mastery, so that you continue showing up purposefully, powerfully and persistently to your mission and to your  life!

Orange Clouds

During Your Transformational Journey You Will...

  • Uncover and step fully into your soul’s authentic and unique expression for this lifetime.

  • Clear and heal the psychological and energetic debris that is blocking you from showing up as the brilliant, powerful and divine being that you are.

  • Gain clarity on your soul's agenda and mission for this lifetime, so that you can step into your purpose with ease and flow.

  • Bring healing and wholeness to your shadows or sub-personalities, so that they work collaboratively in support of your soul.

  • Learn how to move from your head to your heart, and connect more firmly with your inner guidance and heart intelligence.

  • Deepen your connection with nature, humanity, the planet and the cosmos, thereby enabling you to experience abundance and oneness with all of life.

  • Live an authentic, meaningful, soul-centered life that is joyful, loving, co-creative and in service to others and the world.

  • Experience true freedom and liberation that vibrates from the energy of your soul.

  • Connect to higher realms of consciousness and access wisdom, insight and guidance for your life, and those you are called to serve.

  • Be more grounded in your body and the earth, so that you show up powerfully to your mission and to life, with the complete knowing that you are fully supported and provided for.

  • Transcend limited beliefs, habits, mindsets and situations about self and life, so that you live in the realm of possibility. 

  • Learn more about your gifts and abilities, and how to harness them to be in service of others.

  • Learn how to self-coach, self-heal and self-engineer, so that you become the master of your life and your world.

  • Develop a customized spiritual practice that will help you continuously explore and unleash your infinite nature and to refine your soul’s expression. 

  • Dominantly live in a higher vibrational frequency, where you experience the magic of life, while learning how to compassionately navigate lower vibrational levels.

  • Manifest & co-create from your soul

  • Play full out in every area of your life, living as your authentic self.

  • Live a life of impact, soulful influence and inspiration, so that you can help and support others on their journey.

  • Embrace growth and expansion at every stage of your journey, by learning how to use life's challenges as stepping stones for your soul’s evolution.

  • Learn to connect with, access and use the energy of the soul for healing, growth and expansion.

  • Release your greatest deep-seated fears around being a lightworker, and sharing your brilliance with the world.

  • Learn to work with your gifts and spiritual growth in a grounded and practical way.

  • Gain more confidence in shining your light and serving your divine mission.

  • Connect with other like-hearted beings who you can share your journey with. 

A unique blend of Healing, Coaching, Teaching & Tribe Support...

This unique program is designed especially for Lightworkers like you. It operates from the premise that you already are and have all that you will ever need, want or desire to live the blissful, impactful life your soul came here to live!

With this in mind, the focus is on helping you to remember who you are and why you came. After the process of clearing away all that you are not, this then makes room for your power, brilliance and divinity to shine through and be amplified.

The program includes:

  • 10 x 60- 90 min 1 on 1 Coaching Sessions via Zoom

During these intimate 1 on 1 sessions,  it is all about you. We will dive deep into the depths of your being to explore your magic. Using a powerful combination of energy healing + intuitive coaching & teaching, you will be guided to heal the wounded ego, clear blockages that are dimming your light and align with your authentic self and your soul’s bliss. This will then allow you to get crystal clear on your soul’s agenda and step boldly into your Lightworking mission.

  • 10 x 120 min Group Coaching Sessions via Zoom

The Lightworker's path can be a lonely, confusing one. That’s why connecting and vibrating with other like-hearted beings on a similar journey can supercharge your progress. 

​Group sessions will include: celebrating our wins and discussing our opportunities for growth, setting shared intentions and experiencing the power of group support. You will also benefit from group healing & deep and insightful discussions about the Lightworker's journey that can only come from a tribe.

  • Video Recordings of  Sessions

Each coaching session will be video recorded and forwarded to you for review, further note taking and integration. 

  • Heartwork

The deep inner work done in the coaching & healing sessions is designed to help you become more of your true authentic self, so that you can show up to your life and mission powerfully. However, to fully embody this work, follow through and integration is important. 

As such, each session will culminate with Heartwork (Homework,) which will be related to what was discussed in the session, to help you further integrate, expand and embody the subject matter.

  • Activate Your Light Journal

When you join the program you will receive an electronic Activate Your Light Journal specially designed to help you track your progress throughout your journey. 

  • Weekly Check-Ins between Sessions

You are encouraged to email or message me between sessions to receive support, ask questions or share what you have been working on to help keep you on track.


  • Lifetime Access to Transformative Resources

You will receive lifetime access to several Step by Step Guides, Guided Meditations, Visualizations & Activations, Mind Reprogramming Tools, Self-Coaching & Self-Engineering techniques and Self-Healing holistic modalities, to help you to keep shining your light brightly and brilliantly long after the program has ended.​

  • Post Program Follow Up Sessions

Even after the program is over, you will still have access to support, to ensure you stay committed to living as the true you and your Lightworking mission. 

​You will have access to 4 x 90 min 1 on 1, post program sessions with me, over the span of 1 year.

  • Discounted Rates for Upcoming Events

As an Activate Your Light client, you will receive a 30% discount on all upcoming classes and events.

  • Access to our Tribe of Lightworkers

No need to walk this path alone. Be a part of a growing tribe of Lightworkers, who are all committed to living as their true self, raising the consciousness on the planet and co-creating heaven on earth. 

Learn from, support, inspire and vibrate higher together.


Meet Your Guide

Hello beautiful being. I am Phoenixx, Spiritual Coach & Teacher.

I am truly overjoyed that you are here, which means you have surrendered to the calling of your heart and soul, to step boldly into living your truth as a Lightworker.

The truth is, I have been waiting on you! 

A few years ago, I was guided to send an energetic SOS to the beings I came to this planet to help in this lifetime. 

You see, I subscribe to the ‘knowing’ that before we incarnated, we made a variety of agreements with different souls, to assist us on our human adventure. One of these very important agreements was to help us remember who we are and why we came.

And because you are here reading these words, I believe that you may have felt my SOS and I am meant to help you to remember.

Now more than ever, as the planet transitions into higher levels of consciousness, to welcome the New Earth, Lightworkers across the planet are feeling the strong inner pull to help and step up in their unique way; to help the rest of humanity awaken, so that we as a species can be better and live better all around.

This is the call of the Lightworker. This is why we came. This is why we are here. 

The Lightworker’s path can be particularly lonely, challenging, overwhelming and confusing; and that’s why, hand in hand, we will journey together

My mission is to help you. I will do this by guiding you back to your soul’s power, brilliance and divinity. This is so that you can better understand your unique journey, your gifts and abilities, and how to step fully into your mission with bliss and ease.

And that is why I was inspired to create this program, especially for you.

My approach

Guided by my heart and soul, I use a combination of my training as a Certified Holistic Life Coach & Healer, studies as a graduate of a BSc in Psychology, 8 years Life Coaching experience, and my 14+ years of spiritual and personal growth, to help you activate, embody and live your light!

My unique blend of intuitive healing, coaching, teaching and group support, honors and celebrates your soul’s unique expression and journey. 

Our work together will include: healing the wounded ego, clearing blockages that are dimming your light and path and aligning with your authentic self and the high vibrational energy of your soul. This will then allow you the opportunity to get crystal clear on your soul’s agenda, and to confidently step boldly into your lightworking mission.

By the end of our transformative journey together life will feel, look and be experienced as a series of magical moments.

You are going to feel like a brand new being -  vibrating at a higher frequency, viewing life from an expanded perspective, living in the love and support of the Universe, and experiencing lasting happiness, bliss and peace.


You are also going to remember who you are and why you came, be guided by your higher self and soul, create lifelong connections with other Lightworkers and develop self mastery. This will then allow you to keep showing up powerfully, purposefully and persistently to your life and mission.


Remember who you are and why you came...

Shine your light so brightly, that it illuminates the paths of others...


After years of transformational work, countless books, courses and other experiences, I have been moved and impressed by how impactful Phoenixx’s coaching has been in my life. Firstly, Phoenixx listens in this way that is capaciously generous and compassionate. Each time we speak, she connects with the depth of what I say leaving me feeling heard and understood. On a call one day, I made a throwaway comment in which she heard what turned out to be an old lingering limiting belief about money and self-worth. She worked with me to distinguish its source and begin to clear a new empowering path. Within minutes, I had a reality shift I can only describe as profound and lasting. Phoenixx has so many holistic modalities and energy techniques in her tool belt, too, so she was able to offer me concrete practices that have helped create a whole new landscape of possibility and personal power. She’s willing to share her own experiences and, like the best coaches in any arena, she leaves me inspired by who I am and excited about the next steps on this journey to becoming my best self. - DR. DANIELLE ELLIOTT


I was introduced to Phoenixx 7 years ago. During this time I have learnt so much about myself which I was unaware of previously. My sessions with her has sparked deep introspection and self discovery. I am on a new journey of self awareness and universal flow. I feel like I am being called to truly live life beyond my own limits and limiting expectations. I am truly grateful for the abundance of thoughts and possibilities that I am now open to experience as a result of working with her. - RONALD BRIZAN

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When I first started working with Phoenixx, I thought I had everything under control and all I really needed were tidbits of advice to get my business off the ground. Boy was I wrong! From the very first session I began uncovering the areas within myself that needed my attention. Phoenixx, being the ever-nurturing Coach never once made me feel like something was wrong with me. Her work with the soul and energy has helped me to clear and heal the many years of trauma I experienced. Our weekly sessions and subsequent check-ins were extremely supportive, especially when I felt as if my world was falling to pieces. She steadfastly held space for me especially in those moments when I could not even  appreciate the vision I'd created. Never wavering in her belief in me and my power, she was the cheerleader I've always wanted. Our work together has had an everlasting, positive impact on my psyche & soul, helping me to fully show up to all aspects of my life in a truly powerful & authentic way.- LESLEY BRADSHAW


Sometimes when we meet someone, their presence just stays with us forever. That is the best way I can describe Phoenixx. We met, just by chance and forged a relationship that has had such a profound effect on my business and my personal life. She has an almost superhuman ability to help you dig deep to rediscover your true self, your path and your purpose in life. She lovingly shows you a better, easier and, dare I say, much more fulfilled way to live and I am eternally grateful to have met and worked with her. 

I honestly cannot speak enough about Phoenixx and I would encourage anyone to connect and allow her to touch your absolutely would not regret it. - CARLA WILLIAMS


My journey to discovering the best me… What began as a simple self development/awareness journey with Phoenixx was a gift, the key that opened a portal to understand how powerful my feelings, emotions, and thoughts were. During my sessions with Phoenixx, I learnt how to embrace and love myself and how to live a truly joyful life without limitations. Overtime, I applied all that I had learnt about myself and life and the transformation became evident in my simple everyday decisions until there was a cascade of blessings and opportunities showered upon me.  The transformation was also seen and witnessed by my loved ones and friends. My language also changed from “it could be possible” to “the reality of blessings that are intrinsic and tangible”.  Stress and struggles that came with this change were not easy, but I was able to go to another level of growth, maturity, and understanding of how important it is to be centered and aligned to what has already been appointed to me. Thank you, Phoenixx, for being my median to my rebirth, spiritual growth, and enlightenment. - NATALIE CARR-SEEBERAN

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From my heart to yours...

As light bearers, I believe that we incarnated on planet Earth at this time, to shine our lights brightly and brilliantly, to help others see their way. 

Being a Lightworker myself, I know this can be challenging, especially living in a world in need of deep healing.

I know you feel the inner pull of your soul calling you to step into why you are here. I know because I felt the same calling more than 14 years ago and have been on my personal journey of remembering who I am, so that I can serve my calling of helping you remember who you are and why you came.

By committing to your inner healing and aligning with the energy of your soul, you will no longer doubt your abilities, apologize for your greatness or shrink yourself. You will no longer dim your light, be shy about your unique expression or stifle your voice. You will no longer question your power, feel confused about your purpose, feel isolated or afraid to boldly step up and out.

This is what this program offers - the opportunity for you to unapologetically be who you came to this planet to be, and to courageously do what you came to do.

Now, more than ever, the world needs our light. Our light is needed to create a shift in humanity's consciousness and to awaken the species. This is important to help us welcome more unity, more love, more peace, more connectedness, more authenticity, more abundance, more flow, more sharing and more goodness on our planet.

We all have very important roles to play in the welcoming our new earth, and in the creation of a higher vibrational experience.

So, beautiful being, I invite you to join me, as we work together to support each other on our journey of remembering who we are and why we came. In that way, we can then help those we are called to serve to do the same, and in so doing, we can activate our lights and create heaven here on earth.